Become Participant Location

We are growing and keep getting more locations to hourly or permanently place screens in Atlanta area. There is a certain amount of screens we are expecting. Offer to become one of those dozen of locations before we close this list. 

Advantage of being Participant Location:

  • Your video ads will display for FREE the next

    • 4 months if you accept to let us use your location hourly (device will come and go)

    • 12 months if you accept to let us use your location daily (device will stay in the location)

  • You can display up to 4 different FREE video ads of less than 1 minute each

  • You can decide at any moment to stop the partnership if you want but you will have to give a 45 days notice to allow StraightADs to act accordingly

  • Your responsibility and liability

    • You are NOT responsible or liable of anything will happen on device located on your location except when obvious damage by you

    • If you post an Ad, you will be 100% responsible of the content of your ad even if Straightads had to modify it for format conforming. 


Feel free to fill out the following form to offer your location before it gets late.